Court And Palaces….

It’s actually Saturday morning in Seoul as I type this, but Paxton is still sleeping in the bed next to me and I don’t know if I’ll get another chance to share.
Court went really well. We were nervous because the agency for Coppelia was concerned about how Paxton was going to do in court and didn’t want anything to interfere with our time with the judge. Turns out they had nothing to worry about, he sat in Clint’s lap and played with his car without a peep the entire time. The judge was a little confused and thought that Paxton was Edric so it took a little explaining because he forgot that we were doing two adoptions so close together and when he understood everything he got a huge grin on his face as did everyone else in the court room. 

All done with court!

When I have Paxton in the front carrier on the subways all the people insist that I take one of the seats, so on the way home I sat down with him. Paxton then saw Clint standing hanging on and decided he much preferred to travel that way and wanted his own handle too. 

Rocking the subway riding

After getting out of our court clothes we headed out to explore and get some lunch. We went to Insadong and got some street food, our favorite chicken skewer place wasn’t quite open yet so we had to buy some from the stall a few feet up the road. We enjoyed our chicken skewers and Paxton also had a roll full of sweet potato. And then he decided he was done and tired. I put him in the front carrier and he was sound asleep. We walked around a bit and then decided we were done too and headed to a coffee shop and got some tea and put our feet up for a good hour and just relaxed and came down from the emotion and stress of court and the week. Paxton was still passed out cold after over an hour and we decided to load him up and head for one of the palaces. 

Sound asleep
Tea, coffee, and raspberry goodness

We went to Changdeokgung Palace. Shortly after arriving there Paxton woke up. And if you are 21 months old and in a palace that is 600+ years old clearly the best thing to do is play in the dirt, practice your jumping moves and run up and down the ramps. Which is exactly how we spent the rest of the afternoon. Paxton can’t actually jump yet, he bends his knees and then straightens up real fast and hops that his feet follow…which they don’t. So he’s figured out that if he stands on a stair and does the same thing with a little hip action he moves forward and off the stair and essentially “jumps”. And then he giggles and giggles. So needless to say we had a fun filled afternoon.

Running on the ramps
Happy boy
The palace as our playground

We stopped for dumplings again for dinner and then packed up our room last night. Paxton got really sad at bedtime, kind of like “so you two are fun and all, and this has been great, but I’m ready to get back to my foster family, thanks”. And cried and cried when he couldn’t leave. He finally fell asleep and slept well, he’s just beginning to stir now. We are going to go up to Seoul Tower this morning and then fly home this evening. Looking forward to seeing some of you at the airport when we land, and really looking forward to being a family of 6 with all my boys! (And soon a family of 7!)