Introducing Paxton KaOn Armstrong!

It’s all official, Paxton is officially an Armstrong! Today has actually gone really well. Clint is busy giving Paxton his night time bath right now so I’m taking a few minutes to share and introduce the newest member of our family.
All of Paxton’s sweet foster family came with him to the agency today. They gave us a suitcase full of his things, as well as a large photo book of photos of him from the time they first got him. We gave them a photo frame carved out of wood with his name and birth date on it and then the country of Korea and America outlined with a heart carved out where Seoul and where Colorado are located. I had also written them a sweet letter telling them thank you for the love and care that they have given Paxton. All of them teared up as they read the letter. We have about 40 minutes then to play with Paxton. There was a large truck in the front room of the agency and he hopped in and we all played with him. Right towards the end he found a toy that made all sorts of lights and sounds. He was playing with that when we were told it was time to head to the embassy. He threw a little tantrum about having to leave the toy and in the midst of that I don’t think he realized what was going on next. Everyone had tears in their eyes as I told each thank you and gave foster mom a hug and then Paxton was headed in to us in the van. The door closed and we drove away. He just sat silently in shock. The visa interview at the Embassy went well, it’s kind of like being at the DMV. We played with some trucks until he discovered the water fountain and then he thought that was the best thing to play with.

Paxton’s sweet foster family who has loved and cared so much for him

Our agency van dropped us off at our hotel. His foster family had dressed him in multiple layers and the little guy was burning up. He initially acted like he might take a nap, but that quickly turned instead into a time to jump on the bed and push the buttons to make the lights turn on and off. We gave up on the nap and loaded up in the front carrier and went down to the re-discovered stream and walked up and down it. He eventually fell asleep in the front carrier. We walked up to Insadong market and to Tapgol park where he could run around once he awoke from his 40 minute snooze. We picked up dumplings from our favorite little dumpling place as well as these yummy things that are basically fried donuts filled with warm honey. We finished the day camping out in our room eating dinner and then playing with trains. He is being one brave little boy, and has picked up his first English word, “tickle”. He loves to be tickled and has the best little giggle to go with it. I know we have tears and loss coming at some point, but for right now we are enjoying his little easy going personality and smiles and laughs.

Ending our day with trains
Dumplings and milk, dinner of champions…
Walking through Tapgol Park
Paxton and Daddy
Taking a nap
Checking out the ducks on the stream