Packing For Trip #2…

And here we are, just a few days from take off for trip #2. We packed this past weekend because this week is jam packed and then some. And so I sat down on Saturday morning with all sorts of things for a little boy on the other side of the world and got all of his stuff packed. We will take custody on Thursday morning and then take him with us to court for Coppelia on Friday and then fly home Saturday morning. 
I finally got a new diaper bag. Mainly because I think I threw my old one out (it was way over due) and didn’t need one when Edric came home because he was older and just had a little backpack that we took everywhere. But with two littler ones coming we decided we needed a new diaper bag. I found a great deal on a Diaper Dude bag. I think it was super marked down because of the color. And honestly I would not buy something that has pink in it normally (I own nothing pink myself) but at >50% off I couldn’t pass it up. So we have a brown and pink diaper bag. I’m about to become a girl mom too so I guess I’d better figure out this pink stuff anyway. And pink is an important royalty color for boys and girls in Korea…so I’m just going with it.
I don’t know if his foster mom will send him with clothes or diapers or anything. Some send with a ton of stuff and others with very little, so I kind of planned for a middle of the road. I found a little outfit that he can wear for court, I think all three other boys have worn the shirt at some point (thank you second hand sale where I got the shirt for 2$). And I actually bought Paxton’s coming home outfit (the blue and orange stripes) on clearance last spring and have been holding on to it since that time. 

I packed pjs for the hotel and for the plane too as well as diapers. We’ve been a diaper free household for a number of months….but no more. A toddler toothbrush and paste and shampoo and lotion as well (not sure those last few made it into the photo). Snacks and bibs as well and a little thing to pack food in, I remember with Edric’s foster mom she packed some of his favorite foods and so if Paxton’s does the same thing we have little containers to carry it in this time. 

And then bubbles and toys. I have a few different types of cars/trucks/ etc as well as some train tracks and trains to play with. Stickers too. And a little fan that lights up and twirls. Totally fascinating to watch. Hope all of that will get us through the rough times.

Add in the front carrier and I think we have it all. Except for the stuff for Clint and I. Because of course we had to pack super dressy clothes for court (which is silly since it turns out to be less than 10 minutes, but at least we look really nice for those super important 10 minutes). And then semi dressy clothes for our meetings with Coppelia at her agency and nicer clothes for Paxton’s custody day and visa interview at the US embassay. And then clothes to function in when we are not at a meeting or appointment. So we packed all of that as well. With our running clothes thrown in as well. 

And I think we are set! Korea we will be there soon!