For Our Family And Friends…

As we get ready to bring Paxton home next week and Coppelia sometime in the next 4-6 weeks we wanted to let people know what to expect and how people can best support us and them during this time.

First off we invite everyone to the airport next Saturday the 25th, we will be flying in from Dallas with Paxton and are set to arrive around 8:15PM and would love to see all those that can make it. Edric, Caedmon, and Leighton will meet their brother Paxton for the first time there and we will have a friend there taking photos.  We will invite everyone to the airport again when we come home with Coppelia once we know when that will be.

Secondly we are aware of the separation that Paxton and Coppelia will be going through. They will endure separation from their foster families whom they love dearly. This rupture is considered a trauma by most child development experts. They will likely experience deep grief once they realize they are not coming back. During this tender time, we are practicing the recommended months of “cocooning” to build attachment. This means no visitors at home so they learns that we are ones who meet all of their physical and emotional needs. You may see us out and about during the months of April and May. While we welcome friendly interaction with Paxton and Coppelia then, please leave any physical comforting or feeding to us. High fives, smiles, and silly faces are great! Thanks for your understanding. We are happy to answer any questions.

And finally, and by far the most important we ask for your prayers. Please pray for both of their foster families as this is a tough time for them. Pray for Clint and I that in the midst of sleepless nights and stressful times that we will lean on our Father and on each other and stay strong as a team. Pray for Leighton, Caedmon, and Edric as they endure the changes in our family. And pray for Paxton and Coppelia as their little worlds are turned upside down and they learn a new normal and become a part of our family.

Thank you!