Final Days As A Family Of 5…

This past Saturday we made it a family day. It’s the last time it will just be just the 5 of us. 
We decided to spend the afternoon hiking one of the trails close to our house. We have hiked this one a number of times, it is a little over 3 miles round trip but gorgeous along the way and the two older boys can do it all on their own (with a little coaxing for Caedmon) and Edric can make it a good portion of the way before he needs to go in the back carrier. It was a little cool, but we bundled up and took off. The boys pretty much ran up the first part of the trail and were giggling and having a great time.

Just being silly
Such fun boys!
Hiking along the way

We have a rock about part way up that the boys have named “the snack rock” because that’s where we always stop for snacks. They look for that rock all the way up the trail. 
The snack rock

I think the sweetest part of the hike was when the three boys were all holding hands and walking together. I came up behind them and overheard them talking and deciding who was going to hold Paxton’s hand and who would hold Coppelia’s hand when we all go hiking together once they are home. Made my heart melt.
Discussing who was going to hold whose hands

We had a great hike and even though it was a little cool (it is the middle of March in Colorado so can’t really complain) it was an amazing day and fun for all, and just a sweet time as 5. We finished the day with pizza and ice cream at our favorite pizza and ice cream placed close to home.

Soon we will be 6 and very shortly after that we will be 7. Exciting times for our family!