Final Approval And Faithfullness….

A year ago this week our paperwork went to Korea for Paxton. We were excited to be a family of 6 and I was excited to be a “boy mom” to 4 boys. Little did we know that less than a week after our paperwork was sent we were going to get a phone call about Coppelia. And our little plan of being a family of 6 quickly grew to being a family of 7 and this time with a little girl as well.

Tuesday morning we got the official email saying that the judge has signed off and Paxton is officially ours! We have our custody day set for March 23 and will get his US visa that day too, so that when we land on US soil Paxton will officially be a US citizen. I cannot wait to show his photo to everyone and to get to know him as our son. I know the road and journey is just beginning but we are super excited to bring Paxton home.

As you know we have spent the past year praying and more often then not worrying about timing and how and if we were going to be able to do two adoptions at once. There has been a lot of emotion and tough times and plenty of doubt along the way. From the get go we knew though that God had opened the door and He was going to make a way. I forgot that many of times and my faith wavered many more. But despite my lack of faith and trust God has had His hand on it the whole time and worked things out timing wise as only He could. The dates we were offered for Paxton’s custody and visa line up perfectly with when we have to travel for Coppelia’s court date which is something that only the Author of Life could have coordinated and worked out and even knew a year ago.

And so Paxton will fly home with us on March 25th. Although I know Caedmon wants everyone to know that we get to take custody of him on his birthday. For the past month Caedmon has prayed in his sweet little voice “Dear God, please help Paxton come home on my birthday”. The two of them will share a room, and how neat is it that they will also both share the day (just different years) that they joined our family. We will be landing at DIA at 8:19PM on the 25th from a flight from Dallas on American Airlines flight 81, and would love to invite anyone who wants to meet us at the airport to join us then. Paxton and his brothers will meet for the first time at the airport and for a few short weeks we will be a family of 6 until the call comes to go back and bring Coppelia home to her brothers.

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement each step of the way along this journey over the past year!

Thoughts or comments....

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