It started out as just a little thing. We discovered that Edric liked puzzles. You know the easy 24 piece puzzles. He did great with them and before long could put them together faster than any of us which is pretty impressive for a 3 year old. 
We have a set of a bunch of different puzzles with different amounts of pieces in each. He’s since moved from the 24 piece to the 48 piece and the rest of us have joined in. We’ve even started doing the 100 piece as well.

A couple of weeks ago I was at Target and decided to pick up two bigger puzzles. A 550 piece with a painted meadow and barn and little country scene. And then also a big 1500 piece with hot air balloons in it because the boys all like watching for hot air balloons out their windows in the summer time. We started with the 550 piece. 

We got the edges together first and then would go through and sort out pieces for the barn, or the yellow house or the cows in the field and slowly slowly it came together. It was fun because each of us would stop and look and put a piece in here or there, and sometimes while dinner was being made whoever wasn’t helping with dinner would work with the others to put some together. Everyone chipped in, I am most impressed with Edric through, the little guy can’t usually sit still for 2 minutes, but with a puzzle he is glued and focused and quite good.

Of course I did not get a photo of it all together. But we did it. And we left our accomplishment up on the little table in the study for about a week or so. And then we decided to start the “BIG PUZZLE” as Edric calls it. We haven’t gotten very far yet, the first part is all about sorting pieces any way, first edge pieces and then like colors and patterns together. It’s been fun just spending 30 minutes here and there all working and sorting. Hopefully I’ll remember to take a photo when we are all done this time, but I think we’ve found a new family hobby.