The Final Countdown Is On….

The bottom of the page is closer than the top. That means Paxton is coming home soon! We got word this week that the judge issued his preliminary approval on 2/20 which means we are in the final 15 day count down to final approval. 

The timing should be just about right, we will be in Korea for Coppelia’s court date the week of March 20th, and so we are hoping to take custody that week either before or after her court hearing depending on what the agencies think is best. We will likely be home either the 25th with Paxton or if his visa is delayed then the 28th! And then hopefully a few short weeks later my mom and I will head back to bring Coppelia home. And life as a family of 7 will fully start. Watch out world!
These two adoptions have gone faster than Edric’s, in fact if you add up the time from both of our acceptance packets going to Korea for both kiddos together it equals the wait that we had for Edric. It’s not because there is a lack of kiddos needing homes, there are many many many little ones needing homes its just that the process has become faster because there are so many fewer families in process. It’s sad because there are so many that need families. I was struck by how many babies were in the nursery at the boys’ agency that Clint and I volunteered at when we were there a couple of weeks ago, all waiting for foster families and then ultimately waiting for forever families. And not just in Korea, there are children all over the world and just down the street that need families. And not perfect families because we would be the first to be disqualified if they required perfect families. Please stop and just reflect and see if you have room at your table and in your heart for a little one who is waiting for you.
We are getting ready. My mom made this adorable blanket for Paxton when she learned he likes all sorts of trucks and cars. She designed it and made the pattern up herself and it is amazing. We have a little mattress for him in our room because we know from Edric that the first number of months no one sleeps, so instead of trying to sleep in a room with the other boys, we decided to just put them in our room where hopefully we can catch a few hours of real sleep in our own bed during the transition piece….at least that’s the hope. 

The quilt my mom made

Alright Paxton, little guy we are ready for you!