Seoul Bound…Again…

And now that we have been back home a few days and are starting to get our days and nights reconfigured (of course I’ve spent the past two nights working overnight shifts so I may still have a bit to go…) we are busy making plans for our second trip back. We got official word this AM that Coppelia has a court date of 3/24. Paxton will have his final approval by that point so we should be able to do his custody and visa appointment and bring him home with us on 3/25. Plane tickets have been bought and we have the same hotel booked. Kind of hoping it will be a little warmer this round. But here we go, we are just a few weeks away from becoming a family of 6 and then shortly after that being a family of 7. Life’s about to get a little nuts. Well a little more nuts then it already is. God has been so faithful and been our strength throughout this when it has seemed impossible and unlikely, he has proven He is able and we have learned and grown so much….but still have a long ways to go. And so Paxton and Coppelia, you are almost home, we have met you and snuggled with you and now we are just a few weeks away from bringing you home!

Seoul from the airplane as we left on Saturday, we knew we’d be back soon!