Coppelia’s Christmas Package 

With Coppelia we aren’t allowed to send monthly packages like we have been for Paxton or like we did for Edric. But in the summer I had asked if I could send a Christmas pacakge and was told then that I could. And so I did.

It ended up being a lot of clothes with a couple of other little things thrown in, but honestly I ended up at Target and just kept finding cute things. It helped that my mom was with me. I am not much of a shopper and pretty much survive in yoga pants and t shirts (mostly from races I’ve done) so cute clothes is kind of foreign to me. However I’m finding it much easier than I thought it would be an her little closet is filling up quickly.

So here’s what I sent, a one piece pants suit and then little jean leggings with a flower top and matching fleece hoodie to go with it. It gets very cold in Seoul in the winter time.


I found some little PJs on the clearance rack and a cute little turtle as well.


Sparkly leggings and this shirt were both on the clearance rack as well. With some baby shampoo thrown in.

The little overcoat on this outfit got me. Just too precious.


And a bunch of hair bows to go with everything that I made.


And some little playdoughs and socks thrown in.


So here it is, the only thing not in this shot is photos that we were getting printed to go in as well. Paxton should get his little package this week when he goes into his agency or early the next week and hopefully Coppelia’s package will arrive soon for her as well.


And praying that it is not much longer before both are home and in my arms.


Thoughts or comments....

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