A Vase of Thanks…

This year during the month of November we have set up a vase with pieces of paper that we write things that we are thankful for and stick in there. We try to do it each night at dinner, but aren’t always successful as life and dinner with 3 doesn’t always go as planned. Nevertheless we’ve done a pretty good job.

It has been fun to ask the boys what they are thankful for. I’ve heard everything from cookie dough to family to reading books to the moon. It has also been good for me to stop and really reflect on all the blessings that we have in our lives. I’m sure I’m barely even scratching the surface.


Throughout the month the vase has slowly been filling up. It has been fun to watch. We still have plenty of room as we approach Thanksgiving and I pray that this time of reflection and thanks will continue as we go throughout the next year.