Paxton’s 11th Package

I mailed Paxton’s 11th package yesterday. Hoping there won’t be too many more. With his case submitted to court that is becoming more and more likely! We got a video a couple of weeks ago and photos this week of him. The coat I sent fits and looks great on him, and in the video that we got Foster Mom said that he loves to play with all types of cars. We also learned that he is shy in the beginning but then warms up.

I sent a warm little fleece jacket/top for him to wear. The other 3 boys have all worn this as well. Also a cute little fox hat to keep his head warm.


And lots of cars and trucks of all different sizes.


And finally some soap, toddler food and a happy blue ball.


And that’s package number 11. Looking forward to meeting him soon and bringing him home!


Thoughts or comments....

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