And Then It All Changes…

And so we thought on Wednesday that our prayers had been answered and Coppelia and Paxton would go through court together. We got word late Thursday night that the agency that Coppelia is with had changed their mind. They said that they would not go through with submitting both cases together. And so we had to make a quick decision as to whether we move forward and get Paxton’s case submitted or hold off and wait a couple more weeks all the while not knowing when Coppelia’s would be submitted. 

And so we decided to move forward with Paxton’s case. He was submitted to the Korean Family Court on Friday November 18th. And we continue to wait for Coppelia’s exit permit to be approved.

We have said from the beginning that we will travel as many times and more if they ask us to, whatever we need to get these children home, but have also asked the agencies to consider the children. As it stands we will very likely bring one home only to turn around and travel again for court for the other. And so do we leave a newly not attached child home while we travel or do we take them with us and expose and remind them of the trauma of custody day and all that again. And right now, I don’t know. 

But I do know this….despite a very quick turn of events God still has a plan and has had a plan all along and this is not a surprise to Him. And so whatever emotions are swirling in me or frustrations arising, I stop and stand firm in that truth and that alone. He’s had a plan for these two since the beginning, and even though they both come from places of great loss which was never His plan, He has a plan for giving them a family, and I stand humbly awed that we have been chosen to be the family for not one but both of them.