Answered Prayer…

It’s been a prayer, and sometimes more of a worry since March. We got a phone call in March with news of Coppelia when we were already in process with Paxton. We were told then that the two agencies in Korea would likely not be able to work together and both adoptions would be treated as separate adoptions and cases. While Clint and I have been more then willing to jump through whatever hoop was sent and take as many trips to Korea as needed, we were really worried about leaving whichever one came home first shortly after arriving to have to go back to go to court for the other. We know how tough the transition was for Edric and how fragile those first number of months are with attachment and were really afraid of what that would mean for either Paxton and Coppelia

And so we prayed. And prayed, and sometimes (more times than I’d like to admit) we lost hope and just worried. But then we’d start praying again. Praying that in the midst of two agencies in Korea, two different agencies in the US, a government and court system in Korea that somehow and someway God would make a way.

We got an email and a text this AM from one of our agencies here saying that they got word that both agencies in Korea have spoken (which hardly ever happens from what I understand) and have agreed to work together. Paxton’s exit permit was approved last week, those families that were approved at the same time were submitted to court this AM, however Paxton’s file was held and after discussion with the other agency Paxton and Coppelia’s will be submitted to court together so that they can have the same judge and timelines will match up. Again I stand in awe of the way God has made what should and by all means is impossible, possible through His power and way.

So now we just wait for Coppelia’s exit permit to get approved, with looking at timelines it is possible that everyone will be home by March!