That Hard Spot…

I realized the other day that I’ve hit that hard spot in our adoption process. It’s where each photo update that we get actually makes it harder than easier. It is harder to see both of them getting older in their photos and knowing that it is still months before they come home. Hoping that it is not too many months, but still each day is passing and they are getting a day older. My heart and arms ache to have them home. Granted I know full well how hard that will be and the struggles that come with that, but right now it’s just kind of rough. Wish I could say more and wish I knew more of what to say, but that’s just where I am at. And so, Paxton and Coppelia, know that from ½ a world away you are loved, missed, prayed for, and anxiously waited for and I cannot wait to have you home.img_8254

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  1. adoherty0519

    Sending thoughts and love from Wilmington today. Lots of confusing emotions and an aching heart are not easy to hold every day. I know you know the end is near but that doesn’t make this part any less hard. Sometimes you just have to call it like it is, and the truth is the wait is the WORST and nothing can minimize that. Thanks for your honesty and vulnerability here. It definitely helps the rest of us!

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