And Trust…..

Man that is hard. This whole trust thing. And you’d think I’d have it down by now….but no, still struggling with it. Sometimes way more than I think I should.

We are having trouble selling our house. There’s a good chance that we are not going to be able to buy the house that we found a few weeks back because we cannot get ours to sell. Which has been very frustrating at times. EVERYONE has said “oh you won’t have a problem at all….” And every other house in our neighborhood that has gone on the market in the past year has sold in less than a week….except ours. We are priced right, have a great location, new house with upgrades etc etc, but obviously it’s not working out like we thought it should.

We prayed when we started this house journey that God would shut the door if we weren’t to go through with this. Can’t say that I have been the most gracious with accepting the fact that this door might in fact be closing. It is silly really, He has brought us through so much and yet I still struggle and want to hang on and for this to work out instead of trusting that He has a plan.

I think there has been a big part of me that has felt embarrassed that our house won’t sell….we have painted and fixed and moved a ton of things out. We live in a great neighborhood and everyone has said “oh it’ll go quick”, and so I’m embarrassed to say it’s not, like there is something wrong with me or that I didn’t something wrong with this process.

It hasn’t been easy and I’m learning a lot along the way, and sometimes multiple times a day I have to be reminded that there is a plan and while it may not look like I thought it was going to then it just means that there is still a plan.

And so we move forward trusting, hoping and remembering His faithfulness in the past and holding on to the promise of His faithfulness in the future.