The Phone Call…

Sometimes everything changes with a simple phone call. And usually that phone call doesn’t come at the most convenient time, but it changes everything.

Like the phone call that came a few weeks back. It was Thursday morning and Go-Time…ie the 20 minutes that I have between dropping Caedmon off at speech and getting through Target with Edric in tow before his speech therapy lesson. The goal each week is to get everything on my list and not spend more than 100$ (which is basically impossible at Target by the way), and not have to drive like a maniac to speech therapy (thankfully it is 4 ½ minutes away…not that I’ve timed it or anything).

I was walking through the parking lot preparing for the obstacles that lay ahead when I thought to myself “wow, they are playing pretty music in the parking lot”. It wasn’t until I was putting Edric in the cart and buckling him in that I realized that the “pretty music” was my phone ringing…uh yeah, you’d think after 6 years with the same ring tone I’d recognize it by now. I saw that I had just missed a phone call from our adoption agency.

For anyone who has been in process with an adoption unexpected phone calls put everyone on edge. I think about 800 worse case scenarios ran through my head in the few seconds that it took me to dial the agency back as I started to wander aimlessly through Target pushing the cart. Our social worker answered and luckily got to the point quickly. She told me that a little girl had been born that matched our homestudy and was wondering if we would like to pursue her adoption alongside Paxton’s. She didn’t know if it was possible or if Korea would allow both but wanted to give us the option.

I was totally floored. I don’t even know what I said but essentially said I needed to talk to Clint and I would let her know. I think I managed to get a few things on my list and out the door all with my head swimming the entire time.

I called Clint on the 4 minute drive over to speech and gave him a quick rundown. And then just started to pray. Clearly this wasn’t something I had seen coming…but I knew that God had, and ultimately He has a plan bigger than I could see.

After prayer and talking through it, we called our SW back and let her know we were interested in pursuing both if possible. And then we started what we only know too well with adoption…waiting. And some more waiting.

And add in a little more waiting.

And lots of prayers. Trusting that whatever is suppose to happen will and God has a plan and vision and so we need to trust.

And a little more waiting. With some more prayers. All the while growing in trust.

And just for good measure we had some more waiting.

So fast forward a number of weeks to a second Thursday morning (yesterday) and I was in speech therapy with Edric this time (I made it through Target and accomplished both my goals this week by the way!) and my SW sends me a text. It says “Good morning, just sent you an email with exciting update. Let’s talk soon.” I shoot her a quick text back telling her that I’m in speech and will call soon.

Then I get a number of texts from Clint that say “check your email pronto!!” and such. And I manage to stay focused on Edric’s speech therapy and then after we got loaded up I called Clint and he gave me a run down on the email…basically we have been approved to adopt both! I called and confirmed with our SW and that’s what she said as well.

When we sat in our SW office back at the end of February signing paperwork for Paxton I remember our SW telling us that once we got home and settled with him we should come back and adopt a little girl. I remember thinking “no way…we are done at 4, and I have no idea what to do with a girl.” All I can say is in a few months my heart has changed and while it’s not at all what we had thought or planned, God had bigger plans and we are so excited and trusting with each step along the way. We have some paperwork on the US side of things to fill out to make it all official, but instead of thinking we were going to be a family of 6…we are actually going to be a family of 7. And with a girl. Whole new adventures await.

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