Paxton’s 4th Package

And like that we are on to number 4. Spring has come to Seoul, about a month ago they had their cherry blossom festival and from the photos that I saw it looks like the city was full of blooms. It is also steadily warming up. And with that in mind I pulled out a couple of summer tops and light weight jammies to send. Paxton is going to be styling in his stripe shirts.


I have no idea if these puff things are any good, but I remember when both Leighton and Caedmon were little many mom s had them. And so as I was walking through the store I saw the bottle and thought, “why not?”. I also found the lotion for foster mom and thought she might like that as well. Funny story about the hat. I had found it a few weeks before I got the package ready and thought it was super cute and put it up in the cupboard where I keep things for packages to send. A week or so later Caedmon was given his costume for his upcoming dance recital (which I’m sure will be a post all it’s own). I looked at it (hat, matching swimsuit and then little shirt) and thought to myself…”man that pattern looks really familiar.” It wasn’t until I pulled everything out to put Paxton’s package together that I realized the connection. Caedmon is pretty excited that he and Paxton will have the same hats despite being ½ a world apart.


I found a little ball with all sorts of bumps on it that just seemed like fun, and one can never go wrong with a cow or tractor toy. In the last set of photos we got he had one of the trucks that we had sent in his hand and a big grin on his face which made it fun.


And that is package #4. I need to start getting everything ready for his first birthday package for June!