Paxton’s 1st & 2nd Packages

And I’m back to sending love across an ocean via zip lock baggies. At least they are gallon sized. And I’ve done this before so I’ve got a few things figured out this go around. Like stocking up on clothes when they are off season in the size that he’ll be next year at that time and buying things in bulk that I can break up and make into a few different packages. I scored an adorable winter coat for Paxton at a fraction of normal price that I am all ready to send to him come September.

I lucked out and had a family that was traveling for their court date this month and were willing and able to take two packages for us. And so I loaded them up. The only thing I didn’t do was plan ahead and get a letter written to foster mom, but I’ll get there. Alright so on to the good stuff. Baby clothes are just too cute and since he’s almost 9 month size I packaged up some cute little outfits that will help him be ready for spring in Seoul.

little pants and coat
I love the truck on the back of the pants
These were just too cute

I also found a slobber proof photo album that I filled with photos of each of us to send to him so he can start to see and learn our faces.

FullSizeRender (1)

I found some trucks and bath toys in bulk that I broke up into a few different packages. The other three boys saw the trucks and each grabbed one for themselves as well.


And every boy needs a few balls to learn to toss. And a few more bath toys.

FullSizeRender (2)

And so those are packages #1 and #2. They will hopefully be in his arms next week! We love you little Paxton!