A Room For Three…

So for both Leighton and Caedmon I had their nurseries set up before I was 20 weeks along. We were surprised as far as gender with both of them and so did something semi gender-neutral, frogs for Leighton, and safari for Caedmon.

Leighton's nursery
Leighton’s nursery
Caedmon's Nursery...don't know why I don't have a better shot with the rocker and all...
Caedmon’s Nursery…don’t know why I don’t have a better shot with the rocker and all…

Now that we are approaching 80 weeks pregnant with Edric, assuming you don’t count the 9 months of waiting for his referral (which would put us at 120 weeks-ie 3 times the length of a pregnancy….just saying) and we have gotten his EP (exit permission) approval it was time to get his bed set up. We bought the bed last summer, we went to the same place that made the boys bunk bed and ordered a second one. The style s a bit different but all in all it matches fairly well. My mom had already made an extra bed comforter for him, so it was just a matter of buying a mattress, organizing some shelving, cleaning out all the treasures that the boys had been storing under the beds and putting everything together.

3 beds!
3 beds!
The other angle
The other angle
Edric's bed
Edric’s bed

We played around with having the beds go parallel in the room but it just didn’t work with the ladder. And we set up shelves with bins, one for each boy to store their treasures in (instead of under the bed). Under the bed we got a big bin of sheets and blankets to make any middle of the night changing easy and also a bin for each boy’s pjs.


And so I think we are pretty well set. When Edric comes home we will set up a cot in his room for one of us to sleep in there too because we have heard that night time is often a time of immense grief for the little ones coming home. Also Edric has always slept on a floor mat with his foster mom, so sleeping in a bed by himself will very likely be a whole new experience and we aren’t real sure how that will go. And so we plan on being in there for as long as needed until he is secure. Now to just get him home…..