Sometimes it seems things don’t change and there is no progress and the answer is always the same. And then sometimes great leaps and bounds are made in a short amount of time.

After 146 days we got word last week that Edric’s EP (exit permission) had been approved by the Korean Government and our files submitted to court. Just like that. In reality we really moved from one waiting room to another waiting room, but at least this waiting room is a whole lot closer to seeing and playing with Edric in person and closer to bringing him home for good.

And after 18 months of being potty-potty trained despite everything in the books, Caedmon finally decided to go poop in the potty. The light bulb clicked. I have no idea what it was because we’ve tried everything and honestly I think it was just that he figured out what his muscles and body was suppose to do. He went from only pooping during nap/bedtime (when he was totally out-that kid is impossible to wake) to waking up dry and clean and going in and sitting on the potty and doing his business like he has been doing it all along. He’s been telling me “I will teach Edric how to go poop in the potty” to which I’ve been saying for the last 18 months, “great, but you have to learn how to go first”, and now I think he can! I held my breath the first couple of days, but he’s been consistent for over a week now and I feel like we’ve turned the corner.

And Leighton has figured out how to ride his bike without training wheels. He’s tried a number of times before to go without and never been able to figure out the mechanics and been too scared to go fast enough to maintain his balance. And yet this week things clicked. Still a little unsure of corners but all in all we are just about there.

I’ve been able to catch the sunset a number of evenings this past week and what a sweet reminder that has been to God’s faithfulness. The sun sets and rises each and every day. That’s not going to change, and yet some days it will rise on a new chapter and a new beginning and a new normal. And sometimes it rises on the same story and in the same place that we have been and that’s ok. We don’t ever know, but I find peace knowing that whatever the sun may rise on or the sun may set to, my God will be the faithful and constant throughout it all.