Edric’s 17th Package

I think there might be a light at the end of the tunnel…there is a slight chance that this might be his last package. I think it is more likely that we will have one or two more, but maybe not…looking at trends with the judges and such. Anyway here is his July package which he likely won’t get till he goes into the center until the end of the month, but it is flying out with my friend Adrienne as she goes to meet her son and go to court next week.

And I took a little liberty with the gallon bag size this month. You’ll see what I mean as I go on. First off in the video that we got from our agency’s visit in May I had asked if there was anything that Foster Mom thought he needed or we should send. She suggested a car that made noise and had lights. Caedmon helped me pick out a fire truck that just did that. In fact it may make siren noises all the way to Korea in Adrienne’s bag! I included a little book about fire trucks too. I know he can’t and his foster family likely can’t read English and I don’t expect them too, but they can look at the pictures and talk about the fire trucks with him.


I included the other two finger puppets from our trip to the Wild Life Sanctuary on his birthday in this package. It is a wolf and an elephant. Also another fun bouncy ball that lights up. Between the fire truck that makes noise and the ball that lights up Foster Mom may regret her request.


And as usual some smashed up spinach/mango/pear as well as banana/peach/mango. Hope he likes them!


And then as I was going through and organizing the boys’ room since we added the third bed in there I came across four little summer outfits that I had been hanging on to and hoping that he would be home and running around the yard in them this summer. I was pretty bummed when I found them and realized that it was not going to happen, but then I thought “why not send them?” And so they are packed up and going as well!

Alligator and Frog
Alligator and Frog
I love these two!
I love these two!

And finally some blueberries. A friend translated the video for us and told us that he really likes blueberries. She then emailed again and said “he REALLY REALLY likes blueberries. REALLY”. And so I took the hint and found a big bag of dried blueberries. The problem is is that the dried blueberries took up almost all of the zip lock baggie. But I didn’t want to leave them out, and I wanted to send all of the other stuff. So in the end I duct taped the blueberries to the outside of the zip lock baggie. That still counts right?


And I remembered to print photos out and include them, a bunch from the past couple of months and a few of his room all done!

FullSizeRender (14)

And as I am typing this I realize that I did not take a photo of everything laid out like I usually do. Unfortunately the bag had to be duct taped closed and then the bag of blueberries is taped to the outside of it….so it’s not going to happen.


And so there’s package number 17…may be the last one, or there may be a few more coming. Either way I hope he knows that each is packed with love and anticipation.