When Days Become Weeks And Even Years

It will be 2 years this Friday from when I drove up to our adoption agency’s office and dropped off our huge packet of papers/forms/finger prints/approvals/a large check/photos and who knows what all else. I started this blog just days after that with a post about turning that paper work in.

2 years…

That’s a long time. We didn’t have a photo or even know anything about Edric yet. We knew he wasn’t born yet because we knew he had to be 12 months younger than Caedmon and Caedmon turned 1 the next week. But we knew he was being formed and it could be any day.

Did I think it would take 2 years? I knew it was going to take awhile, but I kind of expected that he would be home by this point. I didn’t realize it would take another 9 months before I would first see a photo of him.

How much longer till I actually get to hold and hug and tickle him?

Did you know that elephants are pregnant for 22 months…that’s almost 2 years, and there are octopus’ that live in the deep sea that have been recorded as holding onto their eggs for 54 months. Which is crazy, and way too long for a mommy to meet her little one if you ask me.

One day at a time. One week at a time. One slow month by slow month at a time. There is an end, don’t know when but there is an end.

And soon I’ll be writing about our first day home, first week home, first month home and then someday we will celebrate when he’s been home longer than he was away. And those days will become weeks and years and eventually the rest of our lifetime together.

But some days I’m ready to be on that side of the line and start counting and making memories, and today is one of those days.


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