Getting Ready (slowly)…

We are slowly getting the boy’s room ready to go from 2 to 3. We have the bunk bed in the basement in pieces, but we still need to get twin mattress for it. I’ve been collecting under the bed storage because we are going to need that with 3. I’ve bought some extra twin sheets when I see them on sale. Slowly slowly it’s coming together.

I’ve been resistant to actually putting up the bed yet, besides the mattress issue (which in all honestly would only take a few days to remedy). I think it’s the not knowing how long that bed is going to be empty for and being reminded of that every day. I’m not ready for that yet. I do want to get it up sometime soon so that we can take a video of it and send it to him so that he can see what his room will look like.

But I did get some wall hangings up on the wall in their bedroom. Arts and crafts are not my strong point…but armed with a hot glue gun I can sometimes pull something off. The walls in the boys room are light blue with a dark blue stripe along the top….I know in the photo below the walls look white (kind of like a certain white/gold vs blue/black dress), but trust me they are light blue. And so I took some white canvas and a few different shades of blue and some sponge brushes and went to town. After they had dried I found some braided rope and used that to spell out the boys’ names in Korean. Gotta love the hot glue gun…it is the only thing that saved me here and at least helped this look half way decent. The top one is “Edric JoonSoo” then “Caedmon” and then “Leighton”.


Caedmon and Leighton were super excited about them and I feel like I’ve helped bring Edric’s culture into the room alittle. I know he won’t be reading Korean when he gets home but I want to at least hopefully have that as a reminder of something familiar to him. I don’t know if he is going to want to learn Korean or anything down the road, but I hope I can offer that to him and to the other boys as well.

One day at a time….