The Journey Begins

And so we officially started the adoption process this past Wednesday by turning in our application and a very large check. But the journey didn’t really start then. It goes way back, I was adopted and so were both of my brothers. People sometimes ask me, “when did you know that you were adopted?” In all honesty, it’s something I’ve always known, I don’t remember not knowing. And I remember going to the airport to pick up my baby brother from Korea. For the longest time I thought babies came from airports (I’ve since learned differently). Adoption was always a part of my life and something from an early age that I wanted to continue. It’s an amazing picture of what God did for each of us, he brought us into His family. Even before we got married I mentioned it and Clint was all for it. Even when we were newly married and living on student loans we started an account for adoption at the bank. And now the pieces are starting to come together.

Some people may ask “why?” We have two healthy boys, are both still fairly young and I do pregnancy like a champ. I’m one of those pregnant people that everyone hates, I never got morning sickness, gained minimal weight and had lost it all and was wearing my regular clothes within a few weeks, was still running while pregnant after 30 weeks, have an over abundant supply of breast milk, you know, one of those people. As far as growing our family, having another kid would make the most logical sense and wouldn’t be that hard to do.

Except that there are little ones out there that don’t have families, that don’t have someone to tuck them in at night and read books with them, and throw rocks in the river with, and to call mommy and daddy. It’s definitely not the easy choice to make and it’s a rough road, but it’s something that was laid on my heart long ago and something that I feel called to do. In no way have I got this parenting thing figured out and I struggle daily to be a good mom, but I strongly believe that there is a little boy in Korea, (probably still growing in the womb) that is a part of our family and I look forward to bringing him home. I have to give up a lot of control and trust completely in God who knows more and sees more than I ever will, that this is His plan and when I get scared or worried or question, that He is ultimately in control and I can rest in that.

I was trying to explain to our 3½ year old the other day as we drove to drop off the application what we were doing. I told him that I had to turn in some papers so that we can get a little brother. I told him that the little brother was in a different country and didn’t have a family to take care of him, so we are going to bring him to be a part of our family. His first question in true 3½ year old form was “why?” So I explained that sometimes there are little boys and girls that for different reasons don’t have families and since we have a family we want one of them to come and be a part of our family so that we can love them. He was quiet for a minute and then said “mommy, you are going to have to get another car seat”.