Dear Edric #7

Dear Edric-

How are you sweet boy? The snow is falling outside this afternoon which is a change from the way it’s been this past week. We’ve had a very unusually warm and mild winter. But for this afternoon the snowflakes are dancing as they fall from the sky. I wonder what you think of snow? I have seen that your Foster mom dresses you very warm and in lots of layers when she brings you in each month to be checked and get your photo taken to send to us.

I’m looking forward to playing in the snow with you. Your two big brothers love the snow and love helping daddy shovel snow from the driveway. We have an extra little snow shovel already hanging in the garage for you. By the time you get home the snow will no longer be falling, but your shovel will be there ready for next winter. We can build forts and make snow angels as well. When we go cross country skiing we will get a sled to pull you and Caedmon in until you guys are big enough to learn how to ski on your own.

FullSizeRender (1)

Really though I am looking forward to having you home. Things are starting to move in Korea and our stuff has been submitted and is awaiting approval. We will then have to wait for a court date but each step is a step closer to having you home. And each day is a day closer to having you home.

This week in Korea it is the celebration of the New Year. I wonder how you will celebrate, will your foster family travel somewhere to celebrate with extended family? I know that traditionally everyone will dress in traditional hanboks, I would love to see you all dressed up, I hope that someday I can see photos of you. In the meantime I will read up and plan and figure out how we will celebrate the Korean New Year as a family here next year.

All right sweet one, it is time to go wake your brother from his nap, soon it will be the two of you taking naps in that room….will you guys actually settle down enough to nap? We will see, but I look forward to waking you up and then rocking with you and Caedmon on my lap and you both try to wake up and remember where you are at. And at that time you will be home and with your family.


With Love,


Your Mommy