Edric’s 14th Package

So I had to be a little creative this month with this package because one item was actually just slightly bigger then a gallon sized zip lock baggie and so there was not a whole lot of room for other things. In fact I ended up having to put a baggie over the other end of the package and duct tape the whole thing together. Oh well.

So the few things I could shove into the baggie besides the large item included these corduroy pants. They have pull tabs and since he is on the small side I hope that they will fit.


I also included a couple more of these squeezie food things, because seriously which kid is not hoping that they get a package full of green beans/pear/peas or apple/butternut squash? I also included a little thing of lotion for foster mom and a mini roller to go with the little trucks I sent last month.


Leighton and Caedmon drew pictures for Edric. While one can’t really make out what Caedmon’s picture is beyond a bunch of scribbles he had a lot of fun with the paper punches along the edge. Leighton also had fun with the paper punches and told me “I made patterns out of them”. His picture also included a drawing of each one of us including Edric and then he had me write our names down in Korean under each one.


The thing that took up the most room was this puzzle. It is a simple Melissa & Doug wooden puzzle ad the pieces can stand up, but I took photos of each of us and of our family and one of Edric and glued them into the spots where the pieces fit. I hope he likes it and that pulling out the dump truck and having the five of us looking back at him isn’t too weird.


And so there’s the package for this month. I didn’t take a photo of it all taped together but I should have. Good to know that things are moving and these packages are numbered. Soon he will be home and in my arms.