Adventures Abound…

So I don’t know about your house, but lately at mine we seem to have an abundance of bad guys that need to be taken care of.

Everyone knows that the only way to take care of bad guys is to first wear a cape. If you happen to have a black eye from accidently hitting your head in the bathtub then it makes you look all the more tough. And if you are mommy and don’t have a cape then you are required to tie a blanket around your neck.


Once you are properly dressed and have your swords….oh wait did I forget to mention those? Proper swords are made up of the finest material. Namely foam swim noodles that have been cut to about 2 foot size with duct tape wrapped around then end. Fairly harmless to people and items in the house, but deadly to all bad guys. Armed with your sword and cape then you must make a secrete hide out in order to hide your treasures. Treasures include anti-bacerial soap in little bottles and foam exercise blocks, aka “the gold”. And you don’t want your secrete hide out to look too obvious, so best to pile up pillows and cover it with a blanket in the middle of the hallway, no one will ever guess that that is the secret hide out.


Then you have to search the house looking for the bad guys. They are typically hard to find and sometimes they have already captured your “gold”. You must then attack them with your swords and run though the house carrying them to take them to jail.


A jail isn’t too hard to construct. A drying rack and some hand weights are all that is needed. Once you have run through the house capturing and attacking bad guys at least ½ a dozen times your house will be safe from bad guys for at least 15 minutes.


And then you can start your adventure all over again. And again. And again. And again.