It’s Been A Year…

It has. It’s hard to believe, but December 20th, last year was on a Friday and I had just gotten home from picking up Leighton from his last day of preschool before winter break and Clint wasn’t subbing that day and we were all in the kitchen making lunch. I remember turning to Clint and saying “I think we might hear something today from the agency”. And it was not 5 seconds later that my phone beeped letting me know I had missed a call and had a new voice message. I picked up my phone and saw that it was from our adoption agency.

With shaky hands I listened to the voice message and it was the agency saying that they had a referral for us. I quickly called back and tried not to cry. She promised to email the referral packet and photos right away. Clint and I had decided that we wanted to review the packed when the boys went down for naps/quiet time. Although I think we both knew that that was our little boy and there wasn’t anything going to change that.

We sat down and read through the packet of info and again tried to pretend that we were level headed and not rushing into anything, but we both had decided that this was our little boy. The bummer part was that it was Friday afternoon and we couldn’t do anything about it until Monday. (and trust me we called first thing Monday morning and were ready to sign anything and everything to make it official).

We got to tell the boys after quite time and show them his photos and begin to introduce them to their baby brother. And then we started texting and sharing the news with those close to us that we had a new little one in our family.

We drove around and looked at Christmas lights that night and drank hot chocolate and just celebrated.

I remember hoping and praying that this year to celebrate Edric JoonSoo would be here with us, but he’s not yet. And some days are really tough, but each day we are closer and closer to having him home, and I hope next year there will be three little boys with hot chocolate sitting in the van with us as we drive around