Edric’s 12 Package

I sent Edric’s package at the end of November but because he visited the agency a few days before the end of the month he won’t actually get it until he goes in this month.

We were finally able to include the last two pieces to his tool set. He now has a complete set! And a little car thrown in.


Leighton calls camouflage “boy colors” and so we included some pjs in “boy colors” in this package. Also a handsome polo shirt for him.


It has been very chilly in Seoul and I found this hat a month or so ago and felt that it would be perfect to keep his little ears warm. Plus who can pass up hats with little bear ears on them?


A lion puzzle and little bit of lotion rounded out the package. I was kind of surprised but the hat took up a lot of room and there was kind of not a lot I could do about it. In fact I had to duct tape the bag closed again.


I still wish that I could have some sort of communication and find out if he likes what I’m sending and it it is what he needs. Sometimes I feel like I’m reaching in the dark. I’m just ready to have him home.


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