Armstrong Christmas Letter 2014

So yeah. I have a number of beautiful Christmas cards hung around my fire place and have read a number of sweet Christmas letters that have made me smile, but alas we are a week from Christmas and I haven’t made or sent mine out yet. I think this makes at least 2 years in a row. Maybe if I start in January I will have them ready to go by next December. I tried to scale things way back this year so that we weren’t running around or stressing out and actually able to enjoy the peace and meaning of this season. Christmas cards didn’t make the cut this year.

If I was to write a letter this year and send it, I think it would go a little like this-

Hello from the Armstrongs! We hope this season finds you well. We have had a busy and full year, and are thankful for a chance to just slow down and reflect on this season and it’s meaning.

We had the opportunity to go to Yellowstone at the beginning of the summer and saw geysers, more geysers and a few more geysers with some mud pots thrown in. We hike, we took photos, we laughed, we met a bear, and the van got a flat tire. We had a great trip and many memories were made and are already looking forward to going back someday when everyone is big enough to hike and mommy and daddy don’t have to carry anyone!

Leighton is 5 1/2 and growing like a weed. He’s enjoying kindergarten and mommy and daddy are figuring out how to homeschool. Legos, swords, super heroes, scooter riding, playing outside, swim lessons and gymnastics fill his days. He loves to read and do math. Leighton still has a sweet heart and as he races through the house with his sword and cape he is usually dragging one of his stuffed animals with him. Trey and Nathan are his dear friends and he’s decided he’s going to marry his friend Katherine someday and live in the mountains.

Caedmon is 2 1/2 and believes that he is as big as his big brother. He loves his swim lessons and “nastics” as he calls it, especially the trampoline and foam pit. He is addicted to band aides and we are considering a 12 step intervention program or at least buying stock in them to pay for his college someday. He is a ball of energy and has two speeds- super fast or asleep and there is no in between. He loves to laugh and is true boy through and through already having experienced a broken bone, stitches and a black eye.

Edric JoonSoo is almost 20 months, and while half a world away has already taken up residence in our hearts. We get monthly photos and fairly frequent updates, on one of the last ones, under the section of “mobility” the only thing checked was “runs”, so I think he’ll fit right in. The adoption process is a lot rougher on our hearts then we imagined and the boys talk and pray for Edric daily. We look forward to introducing him to you and bringing him home sometime this next year.

Leslie is still working in the Emergency Room when she is not chasing the boys around or homeschooling. She will officially be a partner in her group when the new year starts. She loves the group of doctors and nurses and techs and couldn’t be more happy with her flexibility and job. She completed 2 sprint triathlons this past year and is already training and looking forward to next summer. She loves spending time in her garden and wearing super hero capes and chasing “bad guys” with Leighton and Caedmon.

Clint is working one day a week at the local charter school and subbing there on Lesle’s days off. He teaches Leighton in homeschool when Leslie works as well. He keeps the house going on a day to day basis. He has started writing a book and has also started preaching about once a month at our church while we are in between pastors. He enjoys running and spin class and is a pretty amazing cook. When he gets the chance he loves to curl up with a good book and if ever given the chance would probably become a hobbit in Middle Earth.

We truly feel blessed, and while our year and lives are not without trials and tough times (and we’ve had our fair share of those this year as well), we are thankful for each day and the gift of Christ and the hope that He brings with Christmas. We hope this finds you well and know that we are thankful for you in our lives.

So just pretend you just got back from your mail box and that is on pretty paper in nice font with a cute picture card too. Have a Merry Christmas!SONY DSC