Edric’s Christmas Package

Twice a year we get to send a big package to Edric JoonSoo, at his birthday and at Christmas. I’ve gotten quite good at stuffing things into a zip lock baggie, so I was ready to stuff a box full of stuff for our little guy.

Boxes are much easier to pack clothes in, especially cold weather clothes. I loaded his box with two train sweaters, a cowboy overall set, fuzzy jammies, and a winter coat. A friend made a penguin hat for him that I included as well. I’m hoping I will get to see one of his monthly photos with him wearing some of these. I hope that Foster Mom is taking photos of him often and that we will get to get copies of those photos when he comes home, there is so much that we miss out on with each day, photos of him along the way will mean so much.




I didn’t just send clothes though. I found some Duplo lego blocks in the shape of a front loader, and both my boys have loved construction trucks. I also found some wooden blocks that I included for him


I’m a little nervous that the light-up giraffe that I found that also plays lullaby songs might sing and light it’s way all the way to Korea and will arrive with no battery life. I tried to pack it in the box so that it wouldn’t keep turning on but from time to time I could hear it playing. I also found a little glow in the dark basket ball.


Clint and I recorded our voices reading this book to him. I am hoping that our voices will sound somewhat familiar to him when we get to meet him and bring him home.


I made both Leighton and Caedmon’s food from scratch as they were little and so I never used baby food or these toddler squeeze packs. I have no idea if they even taste good (I mean come on, doesn’t strawberry, kiwi, beet, and pear sound delicious to you?), but I have seen a number of families with toddlers use them, so I’m hoping that he at least likes them a little.


I sent along some chocolates and lotion for Foster Mom and her family as well. I figure one can never go wrong with chocolate (and I managed to keep Clint from eating it!) and lotion is always nice in the winter time.


Alright little guy, Merry Christmas! I am praying that next year we have an extra stocking hanging up and an extra set of little feet running through the hallways. And the only boxes I’m packing are the ones that are going to be un-wrapped in my living room.


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