Adoption Update

I’m looking forward to actually having something to update everyone about. Right now it’s kind of status quo. We are still waiting. There has been quite a bit of movement in Korea recently, and a number of families that I have met have gotten exit permissions approved and are waiting for court dates. I have to remind myself that with each family that moves closer that means we are moving closer as well.

The next step will be having our file requested to be sent to Korea for translation. I am thinking that could happen as soon as sometime in the next month. I am praying so. Some days are really hard.

And so we keep plugging along. Planning and finding things for packages and praying constantly that he will be home soon, and also that all the little ones that are waiting will find families.

Like I said, I’m hoping to have something to celebrate and update on soon. In the meantime keep praying for us and the process.