Edric’s 7th Package

So I’m a little behind. I actually sent this package with a friend at the end of May and I am now just getting around to writing about it. However, he gets the packages when he goes into the center each month around the 30th, so I’m only really a day late in posting this (right?).

Anyway on to package #7. It is heating up in Seoul and so I included 3 summer outfits. The two overall sets have actually been through both boys (not to mention that I got them at a second hand sale for 2$ 5 years ago. They are still in great shape and super cute. Unfortunately the photo I took doesn’t show their front, the red one has an elephant on the pocket and the light blue one has a doggie on the pocket.

Stuffed inside the gallon baggie again...
Stuffed inside the gallon baggie again…
Everything Pre-stuffing
Everything Pre-stuffing

We learned that Edric is not a fan of bath time, or at least getting his hair wet. Being across the ocean it feels like there’s not much I can do to help with that, but then I thought of including some fun bath toys. I threw in some baby soap and lotion as well.

The package was finished off with some photos and a touch and feel book of animals. Both Leighton and Caedmon loved the books where they could touch the different pages and I figure Edric is probably no different.


Last month when we got his update photo, he was wearing one of the shirts that we had sent! It was the one from package 4, and he was holding the photo book we sent him in package 6. It is fun to see him growing and getting bigger, but at the same time know that each day that passes is a day that he is not here home with us. Saturday night I was giving Leighton and Caedmon a bath and asked them “where is Edric going to sit in the bath?” Both boys quickly scooted to the opposite ends of the tub and both pointed to the middle of the tub. We have plenty of room for Edric in our bath and in our hearts as well. Come home soon little one!

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