Dear Edric #4

Dear Sweet Edric-

Hey little guy. You are growing and growing. I loved seeing your smile and your face light up in the last set of photos we got. I can only imagine the giggles that you had as well.

I have to be honest. As much as I love photo day and love getting the updates and look forward to it each month, it is probably also one of the hardest days. With each month and each set of photos I am reminded that you are not home yet. I don’t get to tuck you in or read you stories or chase you around the yard with your two big brothers. The pain is a little more real and raw on those days. Don’t get me wrong, I quickly send out your photo to my closest friends and family and I’m always happy to share your photo, you are my little boy after all. But I want to be taking the photos of your smiles and I want you sitting on my couch and I want you here. Know that my heart aches each day with my love for you.

It’s been a good summer so far. We spent the first part of the month visiting Yellowstone. I will send photos in the next package so you can see a bit of all that we saw. Don’t worry, after you come home and we get all settled, we will plan another trip up there. We may wait until the three of you are all a little older and we can go on some good hikes and get away from all the people. In the mean time there are many places we haven’t explored yet, and I can’t wait until we can all go and explore them.

We spend a lot of evenings going for walks or bike rides around the neighborhood. There are a lot of little kids and many people know that we are waiting to bring you home and ask how it is going. I’m hoping we have you home and here with us by Christmas, I know it’s a long shot and I’m trying to calm my heart, but I’m praying for that. Our garden is growing like crazy and we spend a lot of time squirting each other with water guns which always brings a lot of laughter from everyone involved

Leighton is gearing up for his 5th birthday party. He wants it to be all about space and he wants to have a water gun fight. He has also requested an ice cream cake from the local ice cream shop. I’ll take a bunch of photos to send to you

I know that you are in good hands and are being loved and cared for. I am just ready to have you here and to hold you and love you and wipe away your tears and watch your face light up with smiles. Know that we pray for you each and every day and miss you like crazy and can’t wait to bring you home.

I love you Sweet Boy!