How We Celebrated

Since we could not be on the other side of the ocean celebrating with Edric and taking part in his Dol (first birthday celebration), we decided to celebrate as a family today. I requested the day off of work and pulled Leighton out of preschool for the day so we could spend it as a family.

The original plan was to go to the zoo. However 30mph+ winds changed our minds and we went to the Museum of Nature and Science instead. It was crowded but we managed to have fun and enjoy ourselves. We looked at dinosaurs, watched a short video on our bodies and how they work with exercise, measured out gait and walking speeds, explored space and pretended to be miners digging deep into a silver mine. It was a really good day.

Future Astronauts
Future Astronauts

This evening we continued to celebration by going to our favorite Pizza place, Lucky Pie. They make homemade natural pizzas with fresh ingredients that they either grow themselves or get from a local organic farm. Both the boys were excited about what was coming after dinner (ice cream!) so much so that Caedmon brought it up many times throughout the dinner. Over and over I told him, “After we eat our pizza then we will go get ice cream”. So after our pizza arrived and he took his first bite, he smiled and looked at me and leaned in and asked “Pizza?”. To which I of course had to explain that we would get ice cream after we FINISHED our pizza.

photo 3

From Pizza we went next door to the ice cream store, Sweet Cow. We all enjoyed our ice cream. After we got home we put the boys through a quick bath and then watched the video of Edric and sang Happy Birthday to him.

photo 2

There was a time late this afternoon when I cried and just ached for being apart. It was tough, but I have to remember with each passing day that we are one day closer to having him home.

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