Week 1 sprouts

So I’ve unofficially made Monday’s my planting/gardening day to post. Don’t hold me to that because nothing has been real official on this blog. But since its the third week in a row then we’ll go with it for now.

How is everyone doing? Don’t worry if you are late getting things planted, in the long run a week or two isn’t going to make that big of a difference. My mom who taught me everything I know and is my go to person still hasn’t planted hers yet…So you are in good company. Most things in life are guidelines not hard fast rules, especially with gardening.

I actually have some sprouts coming up! My broccoli is going to town. Now I was pretty sure I only put one seed in each little container but I have 2-3 coming up in almost all of them. I did have a couple little “helpers”, so I think that might be where my extra ones came from. Depending on how they do I may thin them as they get bigger. I’m not very good at thinning plants to be honest, I work hard to help them grow, it doesn’t seem fair to then pull one out so the other can survive. I always hope that maybe all will make it and no plants will be harmed. Of course, that may be why I only ended up with two broccoli plants last year despite starting with 9….

photo 2 (1)

And I had a few of my tomatoes pop through in the last day or so. It always makes me think that spring is actually going to come this year. I love spring. A LOT.

photo 3 (1)

I haven’t seen anything from my melons yet, but they can take awhile.

I have my seedlings on a little table near a south facing window so they get optimal sunlight. I actually have to crawl over the table to get into bed each night, but its the best south window I’ve got and I’m willing to make the sacrifice. I use a squirt bottle to keep the soil moist.

photo 4

You may notice as your plants come up that they all lean towards the sun. Plants are suppose to do that, but  to force them to strengthen their little stems every couple of days I turn the tray around so that they then have to grown towards the other direction to get their sunlight.

So I think that’s it for now. At least for this week.

Oh wait, I did have my first daffodil open up. I may have had a second but a certain 2 year old thought he should rip that right off it’s stalk, so we have one lone happy daffodil so far. But more looking promising and some tulips growing.

photo 1 (1)