2 Years Old

Caedmon it is hard to believe that you are already 2 years old. Having you in our lives has brought such joy and fun. You have a smile that lights up a room and your laughter is contagious. You have kept us on our toes from the beginning and you don’t know the meaning of walk, everywhere you go you get there in a little skip-run from the moment you get up in the morning till you are laid in your bed at night. You are a little sponge and you soak up all that is going on around you. You definitely have opinions on things and how you think things should go and you clearly let us know when you’ve been offended (even if it is over handing you the wrong cup), but I know standing your ground will become vital as you get older. You adore your older brother and you think you should be able to do everything that he does. Right now your favorite colors are blue and yellow, and in fact you think everything is blue and yellow, even if it is red or green. Wearing mommy’s high heels has become one of your favorite past times and I’m not sure why, especially since mommy never wears them, but you are rather attached to them. Digging in the dirt is almost a daily need in your life. Parks and slides and swings bring you much joy, as does any sort of play with water. Dogs are known as “Arf-Arfs” to you and they make you laugh. You enjoy helping us sweep the floor and put away the dishes. Ice cream is by far one of your favorite foods, but you actually aren’t too picky. Around strangers or people that you don’t know that well you hang on tightly to mommy and daddy and usually bury your head in our shoulders, however around the house and around Honey and Grandpa you freely give sweet little hugs and kisses. As I said before you are almost constantly on the move, but I love it when you will still snuggle close to me after a nap or right before bed. It melts my heart every night as I put you down and call to your bed, “I love you Caedmon” to hear you say “Wuv you too”. Happy Birthday Sweet Boy, I am so glad to be your mommy!