Homeschool Room Part 2

We debated a long time about whether we should buy desks or a table or how to set up the room. Granted we still have till August before school even starts, but once I get it in my mind that we need to decorate a room I kind of go all out. After looking at a ton of things on line I finally figured out what to do.

This of course meant a trip to Home Depot. There are times when I think we should just do an automatic deposit of my paycheck at Home Depot each month. The boys love going because of the “car carts” as they call them. While the car carts are great entertainment for the boys, they are just about impossible to maneuver in any sort of efficient way. Luckily Home Depot has wide aisles. So after spending our grocery budget at Home Depot (sorry boys, its pb and j the rest of the month) we had everything that we thought we would need.

Clint started in. He tried to work on the shelves one afternoon when I was at work and the boys were here. Needless to say that didn’t go too well. So it took a little bit over a number of days to get it all finished.

photo 5 (2)  photo 4 (2)

I’m really excited about how the desks and shelves turned out. For some finishing touches Clint put quarter-round around the edges of the desk which made it look really nice. He did have some very enthusiastic help for that.

photo 2 (4)  photo 1 (4)

And so the room continues. The big stuff is done, now we have to make it look like a classroom and add the finishing touches.