Edric’s Third Package

Alright I’m getting this gallon size baggie thing down. Of course, I just found out that for his birthday we can send a little bit bigger of a package. Watch out April! But for this package I was still limited to a gallon size baggie.

photo 1 (3)

We found a photo book (the butterfly looking thing in the photo) that holds 8 photos and for each photo you can record 8 second messages that will play when he turns to that page. We all had fun recording our messages (we even sang Twinkle Twinkle for the last one) and only had to re-record a couple of pages because the background was filled with Caedmon screaming because he wanted to push the record button. (it’s so hard being almost 2).

I had also heard that some of the little ones coming home were having major dental problems and although Edric only has 2 teeth right now, I included a toothbrush and tooth paste. The boys picked them out and every time Caedmon saw the tooth paste he started walking around saying “choo-choo”

Leighton and Caedmon both drew a nice picture to send with the package. I found matching pjs for all three boys, the shirt says “always on my brother’s team”. I took a photo of Leighton and Caedmon wearing their pjs and included it in the photo book.

My good friend Bekah made Edric a hat and made one for his foster mom that I included as well. I also stuck some Starbucks Vias in with the hat for foster mom.

photo 2 (3)