Adoption News

I wish I had better news to report but it’s been a couple of rough weeks with adoption news from Korea. The court process has slowed way down again . Part of that is due to a number of the judges that were seeing adoption cases were recently switched out and replaced. The courts are also going to be closed the next 2 weeks for internal organization. While we are no where near getting a court date yet, any slowing down in the process only slows and delays the rest of the process for everyone as a trickle down.

The other big issue with adoptions in Korea right now is that there is a very active movement to halt and even stop adoptions all together. There was a very recent child abuse case that resulted in death of a little boy from Korea that had been adopted in the fall. It is a very tragic situation and something that one would wish could have been prevented with the extensive screening and evaluation process that everyone goes through in order to adopt. As a result the Korean government is meeting with the different agencies and having discussions to decide what needs to be done next. There are some very loud voices calling for adoptions to be stopped and even going as far as to say that adoption is a form of child abuse.

So things are a mess right now and desperately in need of prayer. Please pray for wisdom and direction for all those making decisions. Pray for the little ones caught in the middle of all of this who are waiting to come home. Pray for the families with their hearts spread across the ocean waiting to bring our little ones home. And pray that someday that won’t be orphans and that every child will go to bed every night knowing that they are loved and secure in that.

If you want more information on the process of adoption in Korea right now and the many uphill issues that it is facing, please click on the MPAK blog under “blogs I follow”, its #7.