A Journey of 13 Miles

Every journey begins with one step. Unfortunately the journey to a ½ marathon takes a lot more than just that one step.  And what seems like a good idea in November doesn’t always seem like a good idea come February.  And it’s not the first time I’ve been on this journey either.

I have a love/hate relationship with ½ marathons. This spring I’ll run my fourth (well unless you count the one full marathon that I did as two more, then it’s my 6th). I like being in shape, I like going for runs (somedays), and I like crossing the finish line at the end of the whole thing. I always feel really good and love the warm bath and the excuse to buy new running clothes.

However there are days and times that I’m not so much a fan. Like when I’ve run faithfully on the treadmill all winter long putting in 4-5 mile runs on a fairly regular basis and I go out and take a jog with my husband who has maybe done a total of 3 3mile runs in the last 6 months and he acts like it’s a walk in the park. There are days that I’m not a big fan of getting up early, and pushing a jogging stroller isn’t a lot of fun either. And mile 9. I don’t know what it is about mile 9, but it’s always been a struggle.

I don’t run because I’m super fast or good at running or anything like that. I will never win in my age category or finish anywhere near the top (unless I’m still doing this at age 90 and I’m the only one in my age category). I do really enjoy running (except for some days and mile 9). It’s a good excuse to get outside and it keeps me in shape. I can’t beat the views on some of my runs, and it gives me and Clint something to do together and to share in and work towards.

photo 1  photo 2

I think the part I struggle with running is the mental game. It doesn’t take many doubts to creep in before what started as a good run ends in a walk and feeling defeated. And then it doesn’t matter how much or how good it’s gone.

Running a ½ marathon is kind of like life. There are good times, hard times, times I like and times I’m not such a fan of. There are hills to climb, but also hills to go down.  And a lot of mental work. Just like with running, doubts creep in and everything goes down hill. This spring with this race I want to work on believing in myself and beating the mental struggle I face each time. And in life, I’m going to work on trusting in the One who sees and holds the ultimate end of my life race and trust in Him as my strength and believe that He has plans for me and will work everything out for good in Him.