Dear Edric

Dear Edric-
Hey sweet boy! We got updated photos of you today and from looking at the photos you got a copy of the photos that we sent in with our file months ago. We’re your new family! I mailed you some photos in your first package but I don’t think you’ve gotten them yet. You are going to be nine months this week and the update says that you have two teeth, I wonder if you had a hard time with them coming in. I’m going to mail you a toothbrush in your next package, Leighton and Caedmon picked out toothpaste for you, it has Thomas the Train on it and Caedmon kept going “Choo Choo” through the store with it.

It snowed here yesterday and so we played outside this morning. Not a lot of snow, but enough to play in. We built a snowman and used some rocks as his eyes and some bark for his mouth. We built a snow castle too. Caedmon and Leighton were mostly interested in the water that was running down the gutters from the melting snow on the roof. We went up to the mountains at the beginning of the month and played in the snow and went sledding, I will send some photos from that time to you, there was a bunch of snow!

I think about you often and we are praying for you and your foster family all the time. I miss not knowing how you are doing each day and look forward to the end of the month when I get photos and updates. I am going to miss your first steps and I won’t be there to pick you up when those little feet don’t quite stay up with your legs. I know your foster mom is doing a great job and loving on you in my place, I can’t even begin to put into words my thanks and gratitude for all she does and the love she shows you each day.
Keep growing and keep exploring and know that miles and miles and an ocean separate us you are close to our hearts. We love you!