Edric’s Second Package

We got to mail a second package to Edric last week. We know someone who is going over to have their court date in February and she volunteered to take some packages over. I only had a day or so to get it all together and now I am wishing I had included a letter to his foster mom to tell her thanks, but I didn’t have a chance to write it and get it translated and get it back in time to send it. Next package.

Again we are limited to a gallon size bag. I am kind of amazed at how much I can stuff in one of those bags. I chose two winter outfits that are 12 month size, based on his weight from his visit at the end of December as well as a soft bear to cuddle with and a little Broncos football. Clint and the boys had been out shopping for Broncos T shirts last week after they won the AFC championship and had trouble finding shirts but found a package of 3 little balls, so Leighton kept one, Caedmon got one and we sent one to Edric.

Leighton also included a little picture that he had drawn. He said that its a picture of Edric. And so off it goes, as well as our hearts and love and prayers that we get to meet him and bring him home soon. He will be 9 months this week, I am hoping that we will get an update this week with new pictures. Thanks for your support and encouragement in this whole process. photo