Yes its that time in the Armstrong household again. No, not the time when we gorge ourselves on M&Ms, but rather potty training time.

For some crazy reason when Leighton was almost 21 months I got it in my head that he needed to be potty trained. Most the people around me told me that I was totally crazy to even attempt training a boy at that age. To me, it made a lot of sense, he still couldn’t say a whole lot which meant that he couldn’t really fight back, and potty training wouldn’t become a power struggle that I had seen so many of my friends go through with their kids. That and I was kind of over the whole diaper thing.

And so I had a long weekend off and Clint had no papers to write that weekend and so we dove in. We were armed with a bag of M&Ms and a potty seat that sat on top of the toilet. What else did we need?

Actually nothing really. It went amazingly well. He was telling us “potty” and running into the bathroom to go by the end of the first day. He actually screamed and threw a fit when we tried to put a diaper on him that night for bed (I may be crazy but I’m not unrealistic, I knew we would still be in diapers at night for awhile longer). And so by the end of the weekend we were diaper free. It was easy.

So let’s fast-forward a couple of years. To now. And a certain almost 21 month younger brother. We are approaching the end of week 2 and finally this morning just made a break through. (more on that later)

I think part of the issue with Caedmon is that when we were training Leighton we weren’t chasing another little boy around and going back and forth to preschool and distracted by sword fights with a 4 year old.

That and Caedmon has a bladder of steel. Literally. The boy can hold it for up to 6 hours. Which is roughly the time I take him out of his night diaper in the AM and put him in a diaper for his nap. He stayed dry the entire time. His nap diaper was soaked. We would run to the potty every 45 minutes and sit and sing and play and clap and do everything imaginable and after about 5 minutes he would tell me “all done” and we’d be off playing again until the next timer went off. He was very good at taking all of his stuffed animals potty and they would get stickers but the little guy would just hold it.

A couple of days ago he started to kind of go, and would get an M&M which seemed to motivate a little, but it was back to holding it forever again. I was kind of at a loss until I talked with my mom on the phone last night. She reminded me that my little brother would only go if he was standing up.

So this morning I tried it. I stood him on the seat facing backwards leaning forwards with his hands holding on to the back of the toilet (so that the only place to aim was straight down into the toilet). And he went. And he went again and again. He went 6 times before lunch and twice afterwards. I’m going to have to stop sneaking M&Ms if the bag is going to last us until we go to the store again. But I’ll take the success!

We’ll see how the rest of the week goes, but I’m hoping we’ve turned the corner and are one step closer to being diaper free!