Stocking Run

We did our first family 5K run a few weekends ago. Well 3 of us ran and one rode in the stroller the whole way.

My two good friends Haley and Bekah had decided to do it so I jumped on board. Clint decided he wanted to try it and we thought it would be a good race for Leighton to do with Clint. So we decided that I would push the stroller and Clint and Leighton would take it at their own pace. I failed to realize when I signed up that there were LARGE HILLS for part of the course.

Since it was a “Stocking Run” Haley and Bekah wanted to find some Christmas socks that we could wear that would match. Somehow despite it being the weekend after Thanksgiving there were no knee high Christmas stockings anywhere for us to buy. So we ended up with some crazy socks that I found at the back of my drawer that we mixed and matched. Bekah made us all matching ear warmers too. We were some Hot Mammas!


Somewhere between mile 1 & 2 there was a lady standing in front of her house handing out bacon to everyone as they ran past. I love bacon just as much as the next person, but in the middle of the race pushing a 30+pound jogging stroller it just didn’t sound all that appetizing. However, when I got to the finish line and called to check and see where Clint and Leighton were (not quite to mile 2 yet) Leighton was very excited to tell me all about the bacon that he got to eat.

Despite the VERY LARGE HILL and a bunch of BIG HILLS and pushing the stroller the girls and I finished before our goal time. Caedmon was a trooper throughout the whole race (he was after all just relaxing and getting pushed), and he even started to sing to us around mile 2. Bekah and I headed back down one of the hills at the finish to watch for Clint and Leighton. Side note here, whoever designs races should not put hills at the end, it should be downhill to the finish. In fact I think hills should be outlawed in all races. Just saying.

Just as I was starting to get a little worried about them, Clint and Leighton rounded the final corner to the finish. They were both still smiling and I jogged up the road with them to the end. It was a great morning and a fun family activity.