Christmas Trees Part 2

Growing up every year my dad would cut off the bottom branches of the big family tree that we got and my brothers and I would get to put those branches in buckets of sand and decorate them and keep them in our rooms. It was one of my favorite memories of Christmas.

We’ve been getting little trees for Leighton and now Caedmon each year. They share a room so we’ve been able to just get one tree and they are both happy.

After walking around and picking out the big tree we found a little tree for their room. Leighton was super proud of it.


So much so he carried it into the house by himself and immediately set it up in the tree stand. I’m pretty sure it’s still not straight, but he was very happy with it.



We carried it upstairs and put it in their room and then started to decorate it. The first thing was the lights of course. Caedmon became rather attached to the lights. He called them “balls” and thought they were the best thing ever. In fact he threw himself on the ground and screamed and cried when I took them away from him to put them on the tree.


He eventually calmed down and we were able to finish putting the decorations on the tree. There are many basketballs, footballs, and baseballs as well as a spaceship ornament, a wooden frog, a sock monkey, and a wide range of other random ornaments.


It’s pretty amazing.