Fort Building

What cold day is not complete without a fort being built? I remember growing up and my brothers and I using every spare sheet and blanket that my parents had and building elaborate forts. We would make rooms and special doorways and all sorts of things out of the sheets and some chairs.

We had a cool day a few weeks ago and so after the boys and I had breakfast I hauled our kitchen tables upstairs and pulled a bunch of sheets out of the closet and set to work building a fort. I figured out quickly that I could tie the sheets to the stair railings and that helped keep them from falling down. The boys loved the fort, Caedmon kept running in and out of the fort just giggling. Leighton quickly figured out that the spots under the chairs that were left made perfect garage parking spots for all his big trucks. And really, what good is a fort if you don’t have parking for a cement truck or crane?



After getting the trucks all parked, the boys decided that it was bed time, so we all laid down in the fort and pretended to go to sleep. The “next morning” the boys made me breakfast. And honestly, what is possibly better for breakfast then a pea and cheese sandwich topped with cauliflower? Isn’t that everyone’s ideal breakfast?


Shortly after I finished my breakfast, the trucks started moving to the construction site, which happened to be set up in mommy’s bedroom. It took awhile to get all the trucks down the hallway to the construction site, especially since they had to “stop and get gas” at the humidifier in the boy’s bedroom.


Eventually all the construction trucks made it and then construction began on the great city. The boys played great together and it was fun to just play with them.




We left the fort up for a couple days, it meant that Clint and I had to stand during dinner, but it was fun to snuggle into the fort for story time before nap time in the afternoon and just to change things up a little for a couple of days. Winter’s coming, and while I’m looking forward to building snow forts and making snow angles (which always turn out looking more like aliens), I’m also looking forward to more indoor fort building.