construction trucks

Boys and Trucks

There is just something about boys and trucks that go together. Every summer (I know it’s December right now, but I’m just a little behind) one of the towns close by puts together a day called “Touch a Truck”. They literally arranged to have a number of different trucks show up park at the recreation […]


Working Hard

  For Christmas my brother got the boys a red truck that they can drive around the yard and my parents got them matching wheel barrows and garden tools. They couldn’t be happier. Any day that it is decently nice (a term used loosely, basically if I can bundle them warm enough they its deemed […]


Fort Building

What cold day is not complete without a fort being built? I remember growing up and my brothers and I using every spare sheet and blanket that my parents had and building elaborate forts. We would make rooms and special doorways and all sorts of things out of the sheets and some chairs. We had […]