Korean Lesson #3


It’s been a bit, but here is a quick little lesson. To say “yes” in Korean, one says “Ne” or “네”. Not only does it mean yes, but also that you are in agreement with whatever is being said. This is slightly different than English. Here’s an example-

“You don’t like coffee?”

“No, I don’t like coffee”

Where as in Korean, one would say- “Ne, I don’t like coffee” (assuming you know how to say the I don’t like coffee part in Korean as well) You are agreeing that you don’t like coffee, so you are basically saying, “yes, I don’t like coffee”.

It is also used for “yes” as we use yes in English. Here’s an example.

“Are you going to watch the Bronco game?”


So hopefully this hasn’t totally confused you, and feel free to review lesson 1, “hello” and lesson 2, “thank you”.  And if you want to learn more than I am slowly teaching you (and slowly learning myself) then check out www.talktomeinKorean.com